What We Do:


(2020)  Deer warning road sign installation: SOKD installed signs on private property, in view of US-1 motorists, on Sugarloaf and Cudjoe Keys. (learn more)

(2017 – on-going)  Beach clean-ups: We organize Beach Clean-ups to reduce human debris dangerous to deer. (learn more)

(Ongoing)  Medical aid to deer and fawns: We are working to establish a program to aid minimally injured deer and orphaned fawns. (learn more)

(2019 – on-going) Drinking water salinity monitoring: We are in the midst of a long-term natural water hole salinity concentration monitoring program. (learn more)

(DONE !!!) Official deer warning signage west of Big Pine Key: We successfully lobbied FDOT to erect signs on US-1 on islands west of Big Pine Key that also have populations of Key Deer. (learn more)

(2018 – on-going) Public education: We established a “Don’t speed / Don’t feed” public education activity program. (learn more)

(2017 – on-going) Speed limit enforcement:  We work with MCSO to decrease vehicle-deer collisions. (learn more)

(DONE !!!) Post-Irma deer fence repairs: We pushed FDOT for immediate repairs to the wildlife exclusion fence along US-1 and regularly monitored and repaired before its replacement.
(learn more)

(2017 – on-going) – Johne’s Disease testing:  SOKD routinely tests suspect deer for Johne’s Disease. SOKD routinely tests suspect deer for Johne’s Disease. (learn more)

(DONE !!!) – Screwworm epidemic response: We conceived of and pushed for an anti-screwworm treatment program staffed by volunteers. (learn more)

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