Post Irma Deer Fence Repairs

The wildlife exclusion fence lining US-1 along its eastern entry into Big Pine Key was very badly damaged during Hurricane Irma. Searching for food and water, Key Deer entered the highway through multiple openings where damage had occurred, and began being killed in high numbers. SOKD requested immediate temporary fence repairs. This was accomplished by gaining support from the Monroe County Board of Commissioners and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. FDOT funded the temporary repairs and this measure resulted in a sharp decrease in motor vehicle-related deer mortality along that part of the US-1 corridor. However, the aging temporary repairs began to fail in 2018. SOKD board members and volunteers made weekly fence patch and gap repairs and urged FDOT to do another, more solid repair round, which they ultimately did in April, 2019, and yet again in June 2020 while permanent fence replacement work was on-going. The final permanent fence repairs/replacements have been completed as of 11/20. SOKD volunteers will periodically check that all fence gates are closed and secure. Back

For over 2 years Save Our Key Deer volunteers made weekly repairs to the failing US-1 deer exclusion fence:

FDOT and Save Our Key Deer

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