We need volunteers!   PLEASE sign up for this upcoming research project:

Soon we will have a VERY important Johne’s disease research project that is based solely on volunteer participation. The volunteer must reside in Key Deer areas. (Please read “April’s Story” to learn more about Johne’s disease.)

The volunteers will be looking for Key deer that are suspected to have Johne’s disease and will collect fresh stool samples (instructions and supplies will be provided) that will be picked up and taken to Fed Ex for overnight delivery to one of the 2 labs in the country that have the capability to test for this deadly disease. The volunteer will attempt to take a photo of the deer and note the location.

The following symptoms MAY indicate Johne’s disease:

Emaciated (very thin):



Soft stools or diarrhea (not mandatory):

Intermittent submandibular edema which is a soft swelling under chin/jaw that comes and goes (not mandatory):



The volunteers will be invited to an exclusive presentation about this disease, the research project and FULL instructions and supplies will be provided.

Please sign up to be a research volunteer by becoming a “Member”.  Just use the “Comment” section to say you would like to volunteer for the research project. If you are already a member and would like to sign up to be a volunteer, please use the contact tab to let us know. We will also need volunteers to pick up samples and bring to Fed Ex for shipment.

We greatly appreciate your interest in this critical project. It can only be done with the help of volunteers like you!

Thank you.






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