Screwworm Epidemic Response

Even before the official incorporation of Save Our Key Deer (SOKD), two of our current board members recognized the urgent need to implement an oral anthelmintic program for Key Deer when the New World Screwworm crisis was made public. They made repeated petitions about starting the treatment to state and federal agencies responsible for the Key deer and even to the Department of Agriculture, which immediately reached out to them to determine the feasibility of a program to have volunteer residents administer an oral anthelmintic drug to Key Deer. Urgent e-mails were sent to persons progressively up the administration chain. Ultimately supported by all agencies, the volunteer-based Doramectin administration program resulted in an immediate sharp decrease in screwworm mortalities. Back

Doe paint-marked after receiving her weekly oral dose of Doramectin
One of the last bucks to suffer and die from New World Screwworm before anthelmintic program finally approved